About the Business Club of London

The Business Club has a few written as well as a few understood rules that it feels constitutes a member (membership) in good standing and over time some of these rules have changed or been misunderstood.

To better understand the club a book of Facts & Myths is given to each new member. The book is intended to overcome any future situations which might occur through miscommunication.

What is expected from each member of the club?
Basically it boils down to one word, Participation! Each and every member of the club is expected to participate in the activities of the club. Whether this applies to giving a craft talk during one of our weekly meetings, attending our social functions, getting involved as a director in the club or just paying the dues on time and showing up for the meetings.
The club is only as strong as its membership.

Myth: You automatically acquire the entire membership as your customers when you join.
As with any business you must first prove that you can have and maintain a good and trusting business relationship, whether you are the client or the supplier. If club members already have a good business relationship with someone not in the club, their decision must be honored. Perhaps over time as he or she get to know the member this will change.The club allows you the opportunity to make that change.

Fact: Regular attendance is expected from each and every member of the club.
Because our club is a membership driven organization it is extremely important that good attendance is kept. The other members of the club usually only get to know you better through our Thursday meetings and the social events. How can you expect to have a member recommend you and your business if he or she never gets to know you.

Fact: Each member of the club is expected to give a personal presentation to the membership. This usually happens about once a year
As previously mentioned it is very important that the membership get to know the other members of the club. If they understand what you are all about you will have a better chance that they will become promoters of your services and products. This will become evident as you start to get leads and business from within the membership.

Myth: Members of the club are expected to give special business deals to fellow members.
Although many members of the club do give reduced rates and or special treatment to fellow members this is not a hard and fast rule. It is completely at the discretion of the member if they wish to reward or recognize what the club membership has done for their business.

Fact: Membership Category
The Business Club of London only allows one business category to be held by one member or company membership. This is to allow only that members category to be honored within the structure of the club. In the event that there is some overlap of business (ie through changing company business strategies,) the member and only the member that originally held the category is given the right to promote that category within the structure of the club. This is not to say that the non-category holding member, having a similar product or service can’t compete outside the boundaries of the club. This business ethic was set up to save the club from competition between members at club meetings.

Fact: Why do we have lead sheets?
At each weekly meeting club members are supplied with a lead sheet allowing them to either document business given or alert someone in the club of a business prospect. This information is put in the bulletin that is sent out to all of the membership after each Thursday meeting. By filling out this lead form it qualifies the member to be entered in the following weeks 50/50 draw. This process lets every member benefit from the business contacts of the entire membership.

Fact: When inviting a guest to attend a club meeting.
Members are strongly encouraged to invite prospective members to attend one of our weekly meetings. This is to acquaint the individual with how the club is run. There are however a few rules of club etiquette that must be followed. The individual must first be signed into our guest book, located on the secretary’s table and given a name tag.When introducing your guest you should give their name, their place of business and a brief description of their company or service. (It is not necessary or encouraged for the guest to address the membership.) This is to protect a possible overlap of categories within the club. (Your guest should be made aware of this rule before they attend a meeting.) By making the membership aware of your guests business or service it is hoped that this information might spark some conversation or interest and therefore let the guest see the benefit of belonging to our club. They may already be dealing with a club member and not even know it.

Myth: Only prospective members are welcome at club meetings.
The Business Club of London welcomes any guest that a member feels they would like to invite, whether a prospective member or not. The club only asks that you use common sense and discretion when thinking about inviting someone who might have a competitive business to that of a fellow member. If there is any doubt at all it is best to ask first to avoid any conflict of categories. Note: You are charged and billed for your guests lunch.