History of the Business Club of London

The Business Club of London was founded in 1954 when a handful of businessmen got together over lunch. It started to become a regular weekly event. They would meet at Campbells Restaurant and Bar located on the north side of Dundas between Talbot and Ridout. Over the years the size of this group continued to grow until a formal club charter was drawn up in 1965. Some of the founding members present when that original charter was adopted included:

  • Sidney Atlin Collection Manager
  • Charles Reginald Clark ....Television Service Operator
  • Robert Leslie Lemmon ....Automobile Salesman
  • Richard Otto May ....Manager
  • Larry Wilson ....Manager
  • Gordon Douglas Nash ....Accountant
  • David Seaton ....Company President
  • Douglas Lloyd Smith ....Company President
  • Ray Correll ....Account Executive
  • James Joseph Doyle ....Sales Representative

Although the meeting place has moved from Campbells to the once famous Latin Quarter and now to the Masonic Temple on Colborne Street, the club still gets together every Thursday for lunch and fellowship.

The meetings start promptly at noon and are usually over by 1pm. Each week, one of the members makes a brief presentation about his or her business so that the other members can keep informed as to what their businesses offer. This educates the membership so they can help to promote each others business and services.

The Program Director within the club, will on occasion, have a guest speaker that is invited to come to a lunch meeting and enlighten the members with an informative topic. There is also a Special Events person on the clubs board of directors who arranges social events such as our Annual Golf Tournament, Christmas Party, Summer BBQ, and the Spouses Evening, etc.

The members who get involved within the club itself certainly can attest to getting the most out of the club.

As friendships and business relationships develop so does the strength of the club.

After all these years, what started out as just a few friends getting together for lunch, still retains the same simple philosophy “you help me and I’ll help you.”