The Tony Award

This award is given each year in recognition of an outstanding achievement or contribution by a member of the Business Club of London. The founding principle of the award is in recognition of Membership, Fellowship and Good Business Practice.

Each year the members are asked to submit nominations, in writing, to the Board of Directors. These submissions are collected in the weeks before the Annual General Meeting. The Board will then choose a maximum of 3 candidates from the submissions.

During the Annual General Meeting the members are asked to vote for the candidate that they feel should receive the Tony Award which is then presented at the first regular meeting of the new year.

The trophy is inscribed with the recipients name and the year they won the Award, and given to them to display in their place of business. The trophy remains the property of the Business Club of London and is returned at the end of the calendar year. A framed certificate remains with the winner.

The Tony Award is named for Aldo (Tony) Tonini who has been an active member of the Business Club of London for over 50 years and remains an inspiration for all members.


Past winners of the Tony Award

2018 - Sarah Watkin

2017 – Dodie Wright

2016 - Geraldine Peters

2015 - Jim Squires

2014 - Aldo Tonini

2014 - Kevin Cavender

2013 - Jim Squires

2012 - Brian Hollis

2011 - Dave Schulties

2010 - George Payne

2009 - Wilf Myers

2008 - Bob Lauckner